Your purpose becomes unforgettable through stories

Why stories?

  1. They remove any vagueness in the the expression of our purpose — a purpose is expressed in big and bold ways. That’s the magic of it. When we tell stories that illustrate the purpose, it becomes real and specific. It becomes concrete.
  2. They are emotional — we forget statistics. But we remember how we felt when we heard the story. That is what makes it unforgettable.
  3. They are human — when we see how a purpose makes a profound difference for another person, the idea is no longer just a lofty thought. It becomes about a person who we can empathize with. And because of that, it connects with us like a description or explanation can’t.

Telling stories

What happens when we don’t have a story?



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Dan Salva

Dan Salva

Dan is an expert brand strategist and author of the book Big Audacious Meaning — Unleashing Your Purpose-Driven Story. He is a founder at Will & Grail.