Does your story have the makings of an epic tale?

  • The hero — (THE INDIVIDUALS WE HOPE TO SERVE) this story is not about us. It’s about those that we are serving.
  • The unfulfilled need or desire of the hero -(THEIR UNMET NEED) this is what sends our heroes out on a quest
  • The hero’s quest — (HOW WE MEET THAT UNMET NEED & OUR FUNCTIONAL ATTRIBUTES) this is the journey to discover those things that come together to fulfill that unmet need
  • The victory — (EMOTIONAL BENEFIT) this is the summation of all those quest discoveries that reveals to our heroes a highly desired larger meaning.
  • The transformation — (OUR BIG AUDACIOUS MEANING) this is the enlightenment that our heroes experience when they realize that, beyond the victory (EMOTIONAL BENEFIT), they can be part of something that can make a profound difference in our world.
  • Problem/Need — What is the challenge or opportunity that I’m trying to address?
  • Discovery — How do I address this challenge or opportunity?
  • Evaluation — Can I compare options available to me?
  • Decision — How do I validate that this is the right solution for me?
  • Review — Was this a good decision?
  • Advocacy — Shouldn’t others know about this?


  • 30% of the story: THEIR UNMET NEED — we have the ability to build a connection by demonstrating our empathy with their plight
  • 10% of the story: HOW WE MEET THAT UNMET NEED & OUR FUNCTIONAL ATTRIBUTES — we touch on these to show our story has depth, but our prospect isn’t looking for all the details just yet
  • 20% of the story: EMOTIONAL BENEFIT — we want them to get a sense of what can be gained, but move quickly to the bigger inspiration of our Big Audacious Meaning
  • 40% of our story: OUR BIG AUDACIOUS MEANING — this is the time to inspire our prospects, so our Big Audacious Meaning gets the spotlight

Setting the stage for an epic story



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Dan Salva

Dan Salva

Dan is an expert brand strategist and author of the book Big Audacious Meaning — Unleashing Your Purpose-Driven Story. He is a founder at Will & Grail.