4 simple questions for developing a powerful brand purpose

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As you prepare to share your brand purpose with the world, there are four questions that can help you make sure it has the potential to be embraced by all those you hope to serve.

  1. Is it valuable to those you hope to serve?
    It must be meaningful to the point that people will want to adopt your purpose — and maybe even champion it for you.
  2. Is it believable coming from your organization?
    It should feel natural coming from your brand. There should be no question in the minds of those you hope to serve.
  3. Is it unique to who you are?
    It should be genuine, reflecting what it is that makes you unique.
  4. Is it relevant in today’s world?
    Your purpose should address something that is attuned to the needs of today’s world.

As you evaluate your purpose, ask these four questions. They will help keep you honest. And will help temper your purpose, making it everything it can be.

Dan is an expert brand strategist and author of the book Big Audacious Meaning — Unleashing Your Purpose-Driven Story. He is a founder at Will & Grail — a brand innovation company, helping organizations find their unique, undeniable and unshakable sense of purpose and create innovative experiences that bring it to life.

Originally published at https://www.dansalva.com on January 2, 2020.

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